Child Support

Houston Area Child Support

Child support in Texas is determined by the best interest of the child standard.   This standard has largely been locked down by statute.  Texas law provides the following guideline presumptions for child support.  This is what most people end up paying.

  • 20% for one child,
  • 25% for two children,
  • 30% for three children,
  • 35% for four children,
  • 40% for five  children,
  • And not less than 40% for six or more children.


Courts consider the following factors to determine whether guideline support is unjust, see Texas Family Code, Section 154.123:

  • the child’s age and needs;
  • the parent’s ability to contribute to the child’s support;
  • any financial resources available for the child support;
  • the Obligee’s net resources and earning potential;
  • child care expenses;
  • whether either party has actual physical custody of another child;
  • the amount of alimony or spousal maintenance;
  • the child’s educational expenses;
  • employee benefits such as housing or a company car;
  • health insurance and uninsured medical expenses for the child;
  • extraordinary educational, healthcare or other expenses of the child;
  • travel expenses incurred to exercise visitation;
  • positive or negative cash flow from real or personal property, and assets;
  • any other reason consistent with the best interest of the child,
  • taking into consideration the circumstances of the parents.

If you are trying to establish or enforce guideline support, trying to show how your situation requires a deviation, needing to adjust your payments.  We have the Attorney General’s number on speed dial so that we can handle your matter as quickly as possible. Read our reviews and give us a call for a free consultation.